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  • Fax: # (032) 231-7615
  • Mobile: #0927-440-6891 (Globe) / 0949-503-2206 (Smart/Sun)

Payment Option
  1. Online Payment
    • Credit Card
    • Paypal

  2. Bank Deposit
    • BDO ACCOUNT #:6990024800..
    • Branch:BDO-IT PARK CEBU
    • Account Name :Ayer's Lechon House
  3. Money Transfer (MLuhiller)
    • Recipient Name: Julito Catubay

Orders Online
  1. Post your Order (Click Here)
  2. Choose Method of Payment
    • If Bank Deposit then notify Ayer's if you just made Bank Deposit. (BDO)
    • Your order will be process within 3 days. Kindly call us to confirm.

  3. Ayer's Personnel will text you the airway bill number once the cargo is done.
  4. You may pick-up the lechon at terminal 2 via PAL Cargo. Airport to Airport transaction only.

Frequently Asked Questions

. Can I post Lechon reservation Online and pay later?
. YES, your order will be received even without payment but order is not confirmed or executed until payment is made. Pay through bank deposits or visit the site later and pay through Credit/Debit Card. Lechon Order/Reservation is a separate process from Payment Process.

. Can I post Lechon reservation/order and pay immediately thru Credit Card/Debit Card?
. YES, your order will automatically be confirmed since payment is made.

. Can I post Lechon reservation/order and pay immediately thru PayPal?
. YES, PayPal is as good as Credit/Debit Card payment.

. I don't have PayPal Account but I have a credit card, can I use it for payment online?
. YES, you do NOT have to create a PayPal account to use your credit card through our PayPal checkout process. Just simply click the "Don't have a PayPal account?" link

. How to make payments through Bank Deposits?
. Go the the nearest BDO, Chinabank, PNB branches and use the Bank Details we posted on the website. Notify Ayers if you successfully made the deposit so we can progress your Lechon Reservation.

. Can I make payments through Online Fund Transfer to your Bank Accounts posted?
. Yes, as long as you are permitted by your electronic account that you have.

. Are my credit card information safe?
. Yes, we are using a very secured payment checkout gateway and we guarantee security of your Credit Card Information.

. I am from Manila, can you deliver lechon here?
. We can only send the lechon up to the Manila Airport (Cebu Pac) and the customer should pick it up from there.